Shake, Woman, Shake: A Vision Boarding Workshop with Maricarmen Wilson

The yoga tradition offers a profound formula for realizing your heartfelt desires-without asking you to change who you are. It’s the practice of Sankalpa (resolve). Kalpa means vow, or “the rule to be followed above all other rules.” San refers to a connection with the highest truth. Sankalpa, then, is a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth. Vision Boarding ( also known as Passion , Mood or Dream Boards ) is a tried , tested and true method of helping to unearth and manifest your heart’s desires. Come with me on this afternoon adventure as we Co-Create + Dream-Align our way to our “highest truth” through your own personally crafted visual altar and corresponding Sankalpa.

Shake, Woman, Shake: A Vision Boarding Workshop Saturday April 8th 12:00-2:30PM / $60 All materials provided. Tea, chocolate and a special gift for each yogini. Please bring : Your own journal and mat, a playful spirit and open mind.


Breath and Body Yoga / 2415 Exposition Blvd

Limited to just 15 participants.

Date: Saturday April 8th 12:00 – 2:30PM
Location: 2415 Exposition Blvd
Cost: $60
About Maricarmen:“Maricarmen…E-RYT, YACEP, Vinyasa Krama-Creative Alchemist , Mother of Men ( kind of like “ Mother of Dragons “ ), Rock-n-Roll Wife, Feminine Fire Starter and Yoga Lifestyle Guide ..has been practicing and teaching YOGA for over 23 years. ”My great-grandmother used to say, ‘You only ever have two or three real friends in your life.’ I’d like to expand on that, adding, ‘You only ever have two or three real teachers in your life.’ Maricarmen Wilson is one such teacher. Undeniably a gifted yoga instructor, she has the power to transcend this role and speak freely to the matter of how best to live your life. If you find you have the opportunity to spend a week with her, you’re lucky. If you take that opportunity, and actually do it, you’re wise indeed!” – Stephanie Mankins