Strike A Pose: Become the Art You Are

Have 30 minutes? Your photo shoot is here. 


After teaching for over 12 years, I see beauty in every body on the mat. When a student strikes their favorite pose, their eyes soften, their body strengthens and peace over rides any thoughts of stress or fear. The body radiates their true beauty. As the years are passing quicker, let’s not miss this snap shot in time. Let’s capture the innate beauty of yoga in you with a black and white photo. BBY is setting up a photo studio for 2 days inside the Exposition studio. There is nothing like having a photograph of you in your favorite pose. This is a perfect Mother’s Day gift to give and receive. Photography captures the moment in time and this shoot will capture you as a work of art and the beautiful yogi that you are.



Shoot Includes:

  • Leah Flippen artist and photographer
  • Desirae Pierce, Art Director and guide during the shoot
  • 8 x 10 Framed Black and White Photograph (other sizes and copies available)
  • Photos will be delivered 2 weeks after the shoot to allow for post production, printing and framing.


Date: Sunday April 2 & Monday April 3 (Each student gets 30 minutes)

Costs: $300 for the final product (multiple copies and sizes available)



To schedule your shoot email: