Meditation Audios

DISCOVER THE POWER MEDITATION…FOR FREE! Just 10 minutes can change your life.

As a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone for making Breath and Body Yoga a huge success for 10 years, I give you a gift. Meditation. I have recorded a series of Meditations just for you. They are free. Each meditation has a special theme that I love teaching in class. They are 10-minutes in length and all your. Share them with your friends. Take them anywhere with you. If you would like me to record a special mediation just for you, email me and I will be happy to record a theme just for you. From my heart to yours, Namaste. Give it a try now! Find a comfortable seat and click on our audios below:

Presence Yourself Right Here / Right Now

All we have is this moment, our bones, skin, breathe. Anchor yourself into the body and you will become present to your beautiful life.


We are all connected. How you breathe effects your posture

How you hold yourself effects your breathe. The only real “truth”” in the world are the connections we create.



There is nothing more important than growth. Commit to leaning into the world and your life.


In order to heal, feel.

When we feel, we bring the world and our bodies into existence and to the present moment. Feel your body, feel your life.



Can you sit and be. We are human beings. Be.



We go inward to shine outward. Come from the heart. Come from inside with intention.



Your breathe is your vitality and life force. Let’s breathe fully so we can be fully.


You are whole and complete.

So many times we look outside of ourselves to fulfill needs. But you are actually perfect just as you are. There is nothing to fix or change.


Anything and everything is possible today.

As we move through the minutes, hours and days of our lives, notice we consider the agenda and tasks mundane. Never miss the opportunity to connection to yourself. Everything is possible today and anything.


Feel your body.

The only truth is the right here and right now. When we feel our body, we bring our body alive. We move through a body scan here so you can feel every part of your body. Where your awareness goes, energy flows.



Do you give trust freely or do you make people earn your trust. Open up to trust and trusting yourself.


Bring it!

Consider what is missing from your life, you are not generating yourself. Take accountability. Bring the love, the life, the trust into your body and life.