Mentorship & Assisting Program


Breath and Body yoga is proud to invite you to Mentorship Yoga.

Being an apprentice is a time honored tradition of many of life’s true callings.  We want you to succeed and be your greatest self.  It gives us joy to see our student’s blossom into the next generation’s teachers and leaders.  After you have competed your 200-hour teacher training this is what’s next!  We offer one-on-one and group support for your career as a yoga teacher.

Navigating a career as a yoga teacher can be a tricky path. You completed a 200-hour (or more) teacher training, now what? We are here to pick up where your last training left off.  We offer you one on one and group support in the day in and day out details, issues, and challenges to set you up for success in your career as a yoga teacher.

Have you ever been curious about the following?

  • How do I start teaching? Stepping out of teacher training can leave you enlightened, empowered, and ready to teach, but it does not leave you with your own class. Learn how to land a class in the studio you want.
  • Are my words landing in their hearts and in their bodies? Learn how to stay present to your class, hold and maintain the space for growth.
  • When do I nurture them and when do I push them? Learn how to create a well balance class between physical, mental, spiritual dynamic of a class to leave students feeling balanced.
  • Do I teach when I am sick or injured? Learn how to take care of yourself first and foremost, in order to show up fully for your students.
  • When do I have time for my own practice and meditation?  Learn to create the space you need to maintain your own personal practice.
  • I am exhausted after I teacher a class! Learn how to maintain you personal energy while teaching, so you can be a sustainable teacher.
  • How do I develop my own workshop? As yoga students and teachers we all have knowledge and passion to share. Learn how to develop an idea into an effective and marketable workshop.
  • Feedback. How to give constructive, empowering feedback to yourself and other teachers and how to receive and digests ALL forms of feedback that teachers are open to.

Learn how to effectively:

  • Teach to who is in the room and what you see. Learn how to analyze individual student and classroom energy to offer class to will leave all feeling successful and empowered.
  • Drop your script. Yoga teachers, like any teachers, can fall into habits, patterns, and scripts. Learn how to stay fresh, inspired, and present.
  • Use you words. Learn how to use essential language and powerful, clear, descriptive action words.
  • Stay a student. How often do you practice? One of the biggest challenges a yoga teacher can face is maintaining their own studentship and growth.
  • Manage relationship dynamics: teacher-student, teacher-teacher, teacher-studio (owner/staff).
  • Live your yoga. Being a yoga teacher is not just to 60-90 minutes you are leading a class, you are teaching all the time, learn how to maintain awareness of yourself as a leader and teacher in your community.


Do you want to teach yoga, powerfully and confidently? You do just that in this program. Trust us, there is no better way to become exactly what you want than by just doing it. As a participant in Mentorship Yoga you will have the incredible opportunity to teach and assist the Breath and Body Karma Class and receive invaluable feedback and coaching after each class from a variety of Breath and Body Yoga teachers. This is an amazing opportunity to take your teaching to the next level. Take action, and commit fully to creating an extraordinary life for yourself as an inspirational, powerful yoga teacher.


One session will include:

1) Arriving to the studio 30 minutes before class; you will learn MindBody Online software to check in students, and to learn how to prepare the room-light, music, air, temperature.

2) During class you will be on the floor assisting or co-teaching or both.

3) After class you will talk with students, answer questions, supervise the traders and learn the cleaning/closing routine of the studio.

4) After the students have left the studio you will have a 15-30 minutes of supportive, insightful feedback with your mentor.

This program is open form so you may want to schedule 1-2 sessions a week with your mentor, or perhaps 1-2 a month depending on your goals and schedule. Mentor assignment will occur once you sign up, sessions will begin in January 2014. Sessions cost is $25 an hour.

Please contact Kate at for more info.

Our Mission

Our MISSION at Mentorship Yoga is to provide support and guidance to yoga teachers of all expertise (backgrounds, styles) in order to set them up for success in a career of yoga. It’s more than a how to but a personal one to one mentorship down the path of teaching for a successful career. This is a continuing education program to provide yoga teachers to tools to be confident, powerful, organized, effective, badass yoga teachers with sustainable successful careers.