Growth: Online Power Vinyasa with Desirae

Length: 60 minutes
Price: $4.99 streaming $9.99 download

Growth: Online Power Vinyasa with Desirae

Ready to feel the fire. Be ready to move with Sami, Julie and Dylan. This practice is designed for regular practitioners ready to light up the world. The most important thing in life is growth and this faster paced class is guaranteed to build strength, balance and flexibility. Power Vinyasa Yoga increases your energy levels and vitality. It teaches you to focus on what really matters- your breath at this point and the rest will melt away. Step into a new type of vinyasa practice with Desirae. Her alignment-basedvinyasa is pioneering how yoga classes are taught. You will heal, feel light and be able to overcome the obstacles of life with power vinyasa. Give it a try. What are you waiting for?


Practice Led by Desirae Pierce
Practitioners: Sami Lipman, Dylan Schoedel, Julie Warenoff
Directed & Produced by Rebecca Fulton
Director of Photography & Editing: Andrew Shapter
Photography by Andrew Shapter
Sound & Camera Crew: Bill Gazon & Dylan
Production Assistance: Christine Braboy
Location: Shot on Location at Breath and Body Yoga, Austin Texas

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