200- Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance

1. Why did you start practicing yoga?
I’ve always been drawn to yoga!  I started my yoga journey in college, dabbling in a class here and there but never stayed consistent with it. The fact that it is a moving meditation working your body and mind, always brought me back. It wasn’t that I came to B+B with a 40 day yoga challenged that I became hooked.  Through the consistency and focus, I could see all the good work that yoga does for a person.

2. What has been your biggest breakthrough with your practice? (this can be physically/mentally/emotionally)
Knowing that there is no such thing as being “good at yoga” which means anything, any pose, is possible with enough time, focus, and effort!

3. What is your favorite pose?
Head or Handstand – It makes me feel like a kid! My body feels light and strong and it was a pose I used to think was impossible!

4. What pose are you most challenged by?
Crow has been a pose that has continued to challenge me throughout my yoga practice. It does, however, force me to stay totally engaged in the moment. I think it is such a difficult pose because it’s one you have to be fully focused on, and the fear of falling on your face. I like to keep an open mind to all poses because each teaches you so much. I almost appreciate these difficult ones even more because they have the most to teach me.

5. What is your favorite zen spot in Austin?
My house! Or any hiking spot along the Greenbelt – I love being outside surrounded by nature.

6. What is your favorite place to grab food in Austin?

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