Breath and Body Yoga Teacher, RYT 500

Following a friend’s recommendation and due to a lower back injury from years of basketball and weight lifting, I reluctantly walked into my first yoga class.  What I found was more than I ever could have imagined. Physically it was the most challenging activity I had attempted. The ways I moved my body were specific to the sports I played but they did not help me here. Competition did me no service in this arena. Pushing a weighted bar was much easier than moving my own body weight and years of playing basketball had left areas of my body inaccessible. I placed my mat down next to Cynthia Pierce, a lady with a wonderful bright smile who was twice my senior. As I struggled through my first class, she moved with ease, grace and joy for life. She inspired me to think that my current situation was not necessarily my permanent reality. Looking back, that night was one of the most restful evenings for me. With time and consistent practice my injuries faded away and areas of my body that I could not consciously access were beginning to reawaken. I felt alive. After setting a foundation in the practice, Teacher Training afforded the opportunity to not only study the technical details but also re-spark my curiosity for life. Completing my 300hr training furthered my interest in sharing the tools my teachers have shared with me.  Being introduced to the study of Sridaiva has shifted my passion for movement based therapy.  The beauty of this practice is that it provides a template to see the greatness that is inside each of us. Injuries can and do happen, but they do not define who we are. Healing starts from within.

Michael strives to create a playful environment with space to skillfully and mindfully open to infinite possibilities. His classes will compassionately challenge you physically and inspire you to reach for your own greatness.

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