200- Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Breath and Body Yoga and Yoga Alliance

Esther first walked in to Breath and Body Yoga studio three and a half years ago after relentless encouragement from friends. Plagued by recurring injuries due to triathlons and running, she was searching for a holistic approach to healing. She was immediately hooked as she experienced both the mental and physical benefits of a yoga practice. As a board-certified spine specialist, she quickly recognized the utility of yoga in treating neck and back pain and the limitation of “western” medicine in addressing chronic pain. She wanted to further her knowledge and completed the 200-hr Teacher Training Program in April 2016. Both a medical doctor and a certified yoga teacher, she engages in community outreach, collaborating with local news media and with education outlets though her work at Seton Brain and Spine Institute. She is passionate about combining her medical knowledge of spine conditions with the knowledge she has obtained through her own yoga practice and the tools she acquired in training. She envisions that the synergy of “eastern” and “western” approach to chronic pain is the wave of the future.

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