200- Hour & 300 - Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Breath and Body Yoga and Yoga Alliance

Since a girl, Megan has been involved in athletics or physical activity in one way or another. She casually practiced various styles of yoga on and off at Austin area studios for nearly 10 years, but never committed to any one method or faithful practice. Once she put her mat down at Breath and Body Yoga in 2011, she never picked it up. Power Vinyasa changed everything. Shift happened. The physical challenge and play, harmonized with the spiritual jostling and empowerment contributed to major life changes and a lifelong commitment to the yoga journey. A few years prior she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that she now considers resolved with the help of her yoga practice. It was the vital missing link. Heeding the call to dive deeper, in December 2014 she finished the 500 RYT certification at Breath and Body Yoga with Desirae Pierce. This year, she completes an Integrative Nutrition Coaching certification with IIN. Combining her passion for the practice of yoga and knowledge of holistic healing, she hopes to lure students to their becoming, their greatness –in body, mind and spirit.

Catch one of her classes every Tuesday 5:45 PM at Exposition for Hips and Hamstrings Flow.

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