Change is Here

Change is in the air. Stay in the flow and you’ll catch the freshness. 

This morning a cool breeze blew through the open doors at the studio. With the fall school session beginning, the eclipse, teacher training beginning for us, the breeze stopped me in my tracks and I realized that change is here and nothing is permanent in the world, good, bad, high or low. As I felt the breeze on my skin, it reminded me to experience what is happening in this moment and be with the change. My friend Liz Moody is experiencing change moment by moment as her first baby is due any minute now. Also my dear friend, architect and legend, Dick Clark passed last week. From birth to death and everything in between, we are so lucky to experience life, love, and change.

So get on your mat and get real with the change happening in your life. The body changes moment by moment. Are you stronger, weaker, more flexible, or balanced from yesterday? If you are resisting change, your body will tighten up. When you accept change, the body with move with ease. Your mat is the best place to experience change and check in with your life.

Change is a constant and power vinyasa yoga, teaches you to let go of resistance and move with strength and ease. Feel what you need to feel. Let the sun shine on your skin. Allow the breeze to blow through you hair. Feel fully and love your life. It is a precious one.