Listen To Your Body

Listen To Your Body

On May 15th, I woke up and felt a deep soreness and pain inside my left knee. Several days later it began to swell so much I could not bend to 90 degrees. I had never felt such pain and knew something was wrong and out of my realm of yoga alignment. After an MRI and X-rays, meniscus and ACL surgery was scheduled for June 21st. I began to prepare my body, business and life for surgery and a six week recovery and downtime. Three days prior to surgery during yoga practice, my knee felt good, almost great. Crescent Lunges were a challenge due to the weakness as well as the transition from Warrior one to Warrior two.

The emotionally rollercoaster had consumed me for a month. I went from feeling tremendous fear, sadness, weakness, and disappointment in my body to hopeful, joyful, capable and that healing was possible. So I asked myself, if I feel good, why have surgery? Can I heal and manage this injury on my own? After several discussions with my physical therapist, the surgeon, other doctors, and trainers, I came to the conclusion to listen to my body, postpone the surgery and manage the injury. Here it is mid-July and I am feeling great. Now the downside is there is an injury, but I am practicing with more mindfulness than ever before. I feel so much more compassion for anyone with a knee or deep injury. I might one day need the surgery, but in the meantime, this new realm of mindfulness has brought me peace and belief that if we listen to our body, it will tell us what we need.

During this time, Breath and Body Yoga launched it’s new website, so please go check out We also printed shirts and have the boutique now set up at both locations.
So listen to your body, get on your mat, practice. This is where the real magic happens.

Desirae Pierce

Director of Breath and Body Yoga, E-RYT 500


Shining in ballet from the age of three, Desirae took a lead role in the Nutcracker by the age of six with the Fort Worth City Ballet Company.  Through high school and college, she continued a path of competitive sports mixed with the arts. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, she followed a creative marketing path and in 1993 opened her own graphic design studio American Pie Design, Inc. Desirae discovered that yoga provided a counter to the stress of the corporate world. Traveling the country for major corporations, she experienced many yoga styles, but found Bikram YogaBaptiste Power VinyasaAnusara Yoga and Sridaiva Yogastyles provided a spiritual aspect, the missing puzzle piece to her life. In 2006, she opened Breath and Body Yoga on Burnet Road and in September of 2015 she opened the second location on Exposition in Austin, Texas. She established the leading 200 and 500-hour teacher training school in Austin plus produces online classes and yoga videos. The University of Texas’s Women’s Volleyball, Softball, Golf and Men’s Baseball and Women’s Basketball teams hire her to bring strength, flexibility, breath and alignment to their collegiate sports.  At present she teaches, tours and trains, bringing a new dynamic to the practice where vinyasa flow meets alignment.