How do you transition?


I love practicing and all the poses yoga offers. They are landing points that we work deep actions. But, have you ever considered that the transitions in between the poses are just as important as the poses? How many times have you left your house and then 2 minutes later questioned yourself if you locked the front door? Last month I wrote about the big changes happening in the world. The big changes seem to keep coming. So how do we set ourselves up success with so many changes happening? Here’s one way; let’s focus on the transitions on and off the mat.

If your transitions between the poses are treated with mindfulness, the poses are then set up for success. With this mindfulness you are set up to maintain a solid foundation, strong muscle connection to the bones, and then the poses and the transitions flow together smoothly. The breath then ties together the movement in-between the poses together. I invite you to focus on transitions on and off the mat. Be mindful and diligent and ease will come when we are present to each moment. These principles on the mat also work in our life. Be mindful of the transitions in your life. With one breath at a time, one step at a time, we can make it through anything. Everything we need is inside of us. We just need to access it. This will give us the foundation to face the challenges and changes happening in our lives.

This month we celebrate the two year anniversary of the Exposition studio. We are also starting a scholarship fund for teacher training and need your help. We when come together anything is possible. We can do this.

Desirae Pierce

Director of Breath and Body Yoga, E-RYT 500


Shining in ballet from the age of three, Desirae took a lead role in the Nutcracker by the age of six with the Fort Worth City Ballet Company.  Through high school and college, she continued a path of competitive sports mixed with the arts. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, she followed a creative marketing path and in 1993 opened her own graphic design studio American Pie Design, Inc. Desirae discovered that yoga provided a counter to the stress of the corporate world. Traveling the country for major corporations, she experienced many yoga styles, but found Bikram YogaBaptiste Power VinyasaAnusara Yoga and Sridaiva Yogastyles provided a spiritual aspect, the missing puzzle piece to her life. In 2006, she opened Breath and Body Yoga on Burnet Road and in September of 2015 she opened the second location on Exposition in Austin, Texas. She established the leading 200 and 500-hour teacher training school in Austin plus produces online classes and yoga videos. The University of Texas’s Women’s Volleyball, Softball, Golf and Men’s Baseball and Women’s Basketball teams hire her to bring strength, flexibility, breath and alignment to their collegiate sports.  At present she teaches, tours and trains, bringing a new dynamic to the practice where vinyasa flow meets alignment.