Why Svasana (Final Resting Pose)


Here is Austin we work hard, play hard, and that is why Svasana (corpse pose) is an incredibly important aspect of yoga. In every class, we raise the heart rate, activate every muscle, and connect your breath with the movements of your body. First, your victorious breath called Ujjaji fuels your blood cells with fresh oxygen. Secondly connecting your breath with Muscle Energy (muscle contraction), stimulates the production of red blood cells in the marrow of the bones. Combine your “breath" and your "body” and you will generate a spark, an awakening on the deepest level of the consciousness. This is pure potential power in your body and this spark gives your body the power to strike these life changing poses. As important as fire, fuel and vitality is to the body, so is the opposite. If yoga is union of polar energies, it’s equally important in our yoga system that the body is rested and the muscles pull away from the bones at the end of class. In svasana (final resting pose), your blood pressure will lower as well as your heart rate. As you lie on your back and release each bone and muscle, the body teaches itself to let go, surrender and relax. So as much as we teach you to fire up the muscle, the rest at the end of class is just as important. In other words, stay in svasana. It’s important to balance your health. 

Desirae Pierce

Director of Breath and Body Yoga, E-RYT 500


Shining in ballet from the age of three, Desirae took a lead role in the Nutcracker by the age of six with the Fort Worth City Ballet Company.  Through high school and college, she continued a path of competitive sports mixed with the arts. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, she followed a creative marketing path and in 1993 opened her own graphic design studio American Pie Design, Inc. Desirae discovered that yoga provided a counter to the stress of the corporate world. Traveling the country for major corporations, she experienced many yoga styles, but found Bikram YogaBaptiste Power VinyasaAnusara Yoga and Sridaiva Yogastyles provided a spiritual aspect, the missing puzzle piece to her life. In 2006, she opened Breath and Body Yoga on Burnet Road and in September of 2015 she opened the second location on Exposition in Austin, Texas. She established the leading 200 and 500-hour teacher training school in Austin plus produces online classes and yoga videos. The University of Texas’s Women’s Volleyball, Softball, Golf and Men’s Baseball and Women’s Basketball teams hire her to bring strength, flexibility, breath and alignment to their collegiate sports.  At present she teaches, tours and trains, bringing a new dynamic to the practice where vinyasa flow meets alignment.