Stand Up Paddle Board Power Yoga

at 6:30 pm


There is nothing better in life than floating on the lake while taking a yoga class. Take in the beauty of Lady Bird Lake, the power of Breath and Body Yoga and Austin Stand Up Paddle Boards and we have the perfect combination. Starting in May, Breath and Body Yoga will host yoga classes on the water through the summer.


  •     Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 pm – 8:00
  •     Thursday, July 27 at 6:30 pm – 8:00

Classes are $40 per person, per class
To register for class, click here

Good to know:

  • All classes will start on time so please make sure you leave plenty of time to park and use the restroom etc before hand.
  • We will be on the water the entire length of class.
  • Classes start promptly at 6:30 pm so please arrive at 6:15 pm to sign the waiver and get set up
  • Classes are limited to 14 students, one teacher and one assistant.
  • Preregistration is required 36 hours prior to class.
  • Classes are non-refundable within 24 hours of class. Refunds and credit are given if the cancelation takes place prior to the 24 hour class time.
  • Class Pass students must pay full Breath and Body Yoga prices of $40 per class.
  • Classes include your Stand Up Paddle Board, Personal Floatation Device, Yoga Class

Things to bring:

  • Secure swim top or sports bras
  • Moisture wicking athletic shorts (my fav are lululemon speed shorts)
  • Sun screen
  • Water (in a bottle that has a loop then attach a carabiner to it)
  • Towel
  • Cheap sunglasses (there’s always a chance of loosing them in the water)

Where to meet:


  • There is free parking on Stephen F Austin Dr, please be sure to arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to find a spot and walk to the Rowing Center.


  • If weather causes us to make any changes in location or focus for the day, I will let you know immediately.  You will receive a cancellation phone call and text message 6 hours prior to class if class needs to be cancelled due to weather.
  • Classes will be refunded if the weather causes us to cancel.

Check out our video from last season’s classes