Breath and Body Yoga is here to support Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts - Written By Andy DeWaal 

Like many of you, I attended a Back to School night last week at my boys' school.  During the presentation, the Head of School talked about the importance of teaching children to be servant leaders.  The phrase resonated with me and I spent the evening thinking about this leadership philosophy.  A servant leader is someone who is willing to step up to the plate, someone who leads to serve and inspire others, and works for the benefit of the community.  As a yoga teacher, it is my deepest desire to operate this way in the studio in order to help students create physical and emotional growth.  

As we continue to assess damage Hurricane Harvey caused parts of Texas, opportunities to be a servant leader are abundant.  What can I do?  What can you do? What can BBY do?  How can we embody the yogi value of interconnectivity and inspire others to do the same?  Currently, BBY has commitments from 7 teachers to donate yoga earnings from the first couple of weeks of September to relief organizations.  Desirae supports the efforts and will give a New Student Free Class Pass to anyone donating $10 or more.  The BBY community will not sit by and watch others suffer without taking action.  We will stand in our power in service of others.

Thank you to everyone who participated in these efforts; it is not too late to contribute. The needs of people impacted by Harvey will be on going.  This initial effort has been focused on raising much needed financial help, but the studio will follow-up with other opportunities to give  as time goes on and organizations are better equipped to handle tangible donations.  We are all connected.  We are all one.  We can all be servant leaders.