Breath and Body Yoga Teacher

Doctor Audrey Lynn Lewis, 38, was first introduced to yoga as a credit-fulfillment course at the College of  William and Mary, where she earned her BA in Government with minors in Religion, French and Economics. After an existential-ish quarter-life crisis that precipitated a switch half-way through law school at SMU to a Masters program in Social Work at UT Austin, Audrey revisited the foundations of yoga to connect with body and work towards balanced living. 

Alternating between hatha, Ashtanga and Baptiste-style practices, Audrey completed a 200-hr Vinyasa training under Gioconda while simultaneously earning a Clinical Masters of Social Work degree and giving birth to the second of her three children, who is now an avid yoga practitioner.  

After grad school, Audrey worked for several years as the Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist at Austin Child Guidance Center, incorporating yoga principles into groups she facilitated for children with ADHD & ODD as well as in low-income high schools and day care centers throughout Austin. She gained certification in Shakta Khar’s ‘Radiant Child’ Kundalini-based program for young children and created movement-based curriculums to promote healthy attachment between teen moms and their toddlers. 

Opening her private psychodynamic psychotherapy practice as an LCSW IN 2008, Audrey shifted her practice towards adult-based services to accommodate her own young family’s needs. For nearly a decade, she has worked to incorporate body awareness into a field highly regulated by boards navigating professional liability issues and insurance reimbursements. She earned a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in San Francisco in 2012 with a focus on body image and hormones in an effort to better understand behavior on a chemical level and facilitate healing on a systemic level. She is also certified as an Advanced Trauma-Based Hypnosis Practitioner. 

Recently, inspired by the alignment-based vinyasa at Breath & Body, Audrey launched EN+JOY Studio, where she combines psychodynamic, relational therapy techniques with these alignment principles and holistic wellness principles that facilitate client-based healing ( 

Audrey enjoys time with her kids, writing her new blog, ‘Stardust & Diet Coke,’ and hopes to get involved in the greater Austin opera scene, a return to her days of opera performance & coaching in Virginia in her early twenties. 

She is thrilled and honored to join the Breath & Body teacher community after having completed an additional 200 hr level training in December 2016 and working towards her final portion towards the RYT-500 level teacher certification.