Join John Friend and Desi Springer for a special sit down discussion on these modern day topics.


Week 1:

Monday: Jan 27th

The History and Future of Modern Yoga: From Ancient Yoga into the 21st Century and Beyond

Over 35 million Americans practice yoga regularly, which is more than a 50% increase since 2012. Tens of millions more people have tried yoga at least once as it has become a mainstream health practice in western society over the last 50 years. Yoga is big business in the US as Americans spend billions of dollars per year on classes, clothing, equipment and accessories. How and why did this ancient Indian mind-body discipline become so popular in western civilization and around the world in the 21st century? John Friend presents a historical overview of the development of yoga from ancient to medieval times in India, to its spread to western culture in the 19th century and early 20th century, and then into its modern global mainstream representations over the last 50 years. What direction is the current postmodern yoga movement heading? And what is the optimistic future for yoga, and its possible great contribution to the world in the 21st century?

Location & Time: TBD Cost: $10 / Donation

Week 2:

Liberty Through Self-Mastery with John Friend & Desi Springer

Monday: Feb 3rd

In modern liberal political thought, we gain personal freedom by State intervention lawfully assuring that our rights will not be constrained by cultural customs or religious dogmas. Yet, there is another way to gain personal liberty, which is by self-discipline. Through learning how to focus the mind to cultivate self-regulation, we can increase our brain’s executive function and develop our emotional intelligence (EQ). A lasting liberty can be experienced through skillful practice of self-sovereignty.

Location & Time: TBD / Cost: $10

Week 3:

Navigating the Postmodern Clown-Zombie Apocalypse with John Friend & Desi Springer

Monday: Feb 10th

Looking back through modern history, especially over the last 80 years, to sociologically understand how and why we find ourselves now in the midst of a planetary mass extinction of lifeforms, economic disaster, and cultural degeneration. Is there any skillful way to navigate through our western postmodern society during this historic crisis period?

Location & Time: TBD / Cost: $10

Week 4:

Living the Good Life with John Friend & Desi Springer

Mon: Feb 17th

How do we live a good life in an increasingly polluted environment, inequitable economy, more powerful fascist surveillance state, and in the declining postmodern culture of the early 21st century? Desi Springer shares her wisdom on nutrition, breath work, conscious daily functional movements, meditation practice and mind training, sleep and self-care, healthy relationships, community service and life purpose for fulfilling the deepest dreams of our soul, mind and body.

Location & Time: TBD / Cost: $10