Membership Details & Rewards


Thank you Members so much for your support. Your body is for life and so is yoga. You are an important part of our studio and an import part of the growth of Breath and Body Yoga. Our business model is different than other studios. Rather than packing in the rooms with 40 plus people, we strive to maintain a high yoga teacher to student ratio. Right now, the average student to teacher ratio is 10 to 1. We offer free hand towels, fruit, a super clean space and professional teachers. Breath and Body Yoga is pleased to announce new rewards for it’s Members. To honor your loyalty, we created a new reward program exclusive to unlimited members, the Membership Rewards Program!

This program entails:

1.  5 FREE Drop-In Classes annually for friends and family. 

These classes have been added to your account and are good for one year from the start of your membership. Just ask the front desk to use your free 5-class pass for friends, family, out of town guests. 

2. Free Online Classes / Audio & Video Links. 

BBY will now fit in your suitcase! We will email you links to 5 online audio classes and two videos for when you can’t make it to the studio in person. 

3. 10% off All Retail. 

Because you all look so amazing in our BBY gear, you will get 10% off on all retail items including t-shirts, mats, towels, props and books. 

4. 10% off New Power Now Workshops 

Baron says it best, “Growth is the most important thing there is.” Because of your loyalty, you will receive 10% off all New Power Now Workshops. 

5. FREE Mat & Towel Rental. 

Forget your mat or towel? Not a problem! They’re on us from now on.

For Complete Details check the front desk. Thank you again!

Auto-Pay Policies

Our Auto-Billing Series combines unlimited classes with the convenience of automatic renewal. This series requires a 3 month minimum commitment where NO FREEZING OR CANCELLATIONS ARE PERMITTED during the first 3 months.

After the initial 3 months, to freeze or cancel your Auto-Billing Series a written request (email to must be submitted at least 15 days in advance of your next billing date in order for your request to be effective for the following month. Billing date is based on your Auto-Billing Series Activation Date recorded on your original contract.

 Breath & Body Yoga Auto-Billing Series Freeze Policy:

• You can freeze your Auto-Billing Series payments once every six months. The minimum duration allowed for a freeze is 3 weeks and the maximum duration for a freeze is 3 months.

A $10 Freeze Fee will be charged to your credit card on file.

• To request the freeze, a written request including start and end dates should be sent to or submitted in person to the studio.

• Following the end of your requested freeze period, your Monthly Auto-Billing Series will automatically be reactivated.

****Please note that your billing date may by shifted depending on the length and when you freeze your membership.

 Breath & Body Yoga Auto-Billing Series Cancellation Policy:

• To request the cancellation after the initial 3 month commitment, a written request must be submitted and received at least 15 days prior to the next billing date in person emailed to

There is no fee for cancellation after the initial 3 month commitment.

 Breath & Body Yoga Auto-Billing Series Early Termination Policy:

•  Early Buyout: If at any time you wish to terminate your Auto-Billing Series contract before you reach the three month commitment, you can buy out of it by paying a $50 cancellation fee.