Breath and Body Yoga Teacher

Michael stepped on his mat for the first time in 2009 to help him work through the challenges life was presenting him. Since that day, he has explored Bikrum and regularly practices heated Vinyasa. Outside the yoga studio, Michael raises two kids, works in the field of online education, and tends to a backyard organic garden that includes two beehives and three chickens.

Michael joined the Breath & Body Yoga community in 2014 after reading on its website an essay that yoga instructor Andy D. wrote about her experiences as a parent turning 40, doing yoga, and being in the best shape of her life, exactly what he was experiencing. He knew he’d found his yoga community. He has enormous gratitude for the encouragement and love he receives from teachers and fellow practitioners at B&B. Their support and Breath and Body’s yoga has led him into the world of backbends and handstands for the first time in his life.

Michael wants to help others experience the same benefits yoga has given him. In December 2017, he graduated from the B&B Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training program. He currently teaches 60 and 75 minute heated Vinyasa classes that challenge students to deepen and strengthen their current poses and push them to achieve that next, new pose through Breath and Body alignment principles, muscle energy, breath and a spirit of exploration.