Breath and Body Yoga ignited the Austin yoga scene in 2006 as the premiere power vinyasa (flow) yoga studio. Today, Breath and Body Yoga continues to break the mold of traditional studios with innovative approaches to alignment through the bowspring technology to explore new possibilities. From online classes, videos, 200- Hour, 300-hour teacher trainings, postural and transformational workshops, Breath and Body Yoga explores how to deliver new possibilities in the asana practice with a fullness of the heart.  Empowering the community with alignment tools, this daily practice transforms the traditional yoga practice into a strengthening yet creative expression for the world to share.  We, now, empower a global community, with practices that transform the breath, body and beyond.


Desirae Pierce

Owner / Director of Breath and Body Yoga

Caitlyn Rose Clark

Jen Wu

Dr. Esther Yaniv Logan M.D.


Shannon Hatfield

Tammy Goodman

Andy Dewaal

Megan Sullivan


Michael Stewart

Sara Robbins

Mindy Weber

Karen Petersen


Louise Ewing

Josh Wechsler

Michael Wilson

Jessica Carroll


Shanda Breazeale

Paula Polka

Laura Dunworth

Gray Bulman