Breath and Body Yoga Teacher

Paula grew up with a deep love of dance and expression through movement. As an adult, fitness classes and jogging became deeply rooted as a part of her lifestyle. Yet, she always missed dance and wished to somehow incorporate more fluid movement to her fitness regime. She tried various types of classes including dance aerobics classes and barre but nothing stuck. A friend introduced her to yoga in 2013 and when she landed at a Breath and Body Power Vinyasa class she never looked back. “Where else can you build strength, flexibility, balance, practice moving meditation, and dance with breath...all in one class!?”

Deepening her yoga practice and moving on to completing her teaching training helped Paula tap into a deeper sense of self. She brings an enthusiasm and passion to share and grow with her Breath and Body students and community. Off her mat, Paula enjoys volunteering at her children’s school, spending time with her family and traveling to new places to experience different cultures, perspectives, landscapes, and history. Paula completed her 200 Hour Power Vinyasa Yoga certification in December 2017.