Stretch Bodywork 5-Week Series with Julia & Desirae

Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 pm  October 15th - Nov 12th

Week 1: Oct 15th / The Core

Week 2: Oct 22 / The Frontal Plane

Week 3: Oct 29 / The Sagittal Plane

Week 4: Nov 5 / The Periphery

Week 5: Nov 12 Post-Structural Integration

The 5-week Stretch Bodywork Series is not to learn how to stretch the whole body willy-nilly, but to learn how to stretch the whole body “on purpose” according to your body’s unique flexibility AND stability needs. In addition to stretch techniques, we will be exploring pain science principles, self-assessment and self-care  strategies, and a method of curious, conscious movement that will guide you in all other yoga or movement practices. Each class will end with candlelight restorative stretch + hands-on bodywork, so plan to float home to bed relaxed, released, and restored.

Pricing: $175 Series / $40 Drop In 

Member Pricing: $150 Series / $40 drop 


Cancellation/Refund Policy: Refunds will be given up to 48 hours before registered class, otherwise no refunds offered. Bring your mats and wear yoga clothes.


What is Stretch?

Stretch Bodywork combines active, dynamic, and restorative stretch poses with luxurious hands-on assists by trained stretch bodyworkers. Each class takes place in a small group setting and combines elements of the following stretch techniques:

1. Release: self-massage with foam roller and lacrosse ball to soften “stuck” spots and cultivate mind-body connection

2. Resist-Relax: proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation with a strap to improve a joint’s range of motion

3. Restorative Stretch: long, relaxed stretches using a soft bolster, blocks, blankets to calm the nervous system and gently aid stretch tolerance


Meet Julia Traylor: I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2006 and have over 2000 hours of clinical training in the massage and yoga arts. I specialize in a therapeutic style of bodywork that blends deep tissue massage with Thai Yoga bodywork and yoga therapy to treat pain while correcting the imbalances that create it. In order to tailor the session to the specific needs of each client, I begin with a rigorous functional, patient-centered assessment of your body’s unique pattern. Then, I use an array of structural massage techniques to mobilize joints, retrain fascial/neurological patterns, and treat compensations. Throughout each massage, I use graded exposure therapy and Thai-yoga bodywork to improve range of motion and to encourage new pathways of communication between the myofascial and nervous systems. At the conclusion of each bodywork session, I use yoga therapy to teach you how to release your own restrictions while strengthening your own weak or inhibited musculature so that you can prolong the benefits of our work together and, ultimately, heal yourself.