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Practice with precision

Time. We can’t make more of it. With the holiday season upon us, how do we balance work, family, travel, shopping, celebrating and a yoga practice? How do we squeeze everything into our day and not feel exhausted? This season, I’ve committed to practicing “precision”. Recently, I’ve found myself in a haze. My mind wanders and my actions mirrored that with incompletion and sloppiness. During that foggy time, it’s easy to waste time and check out, surf the web, or even check in with the news on the latest daily political drama. But starting this week, when I feel myself drifting away, it’s time to get into action. It’s time to get precise my life with words, communication, actions and practice. This holiday season I invite you to cut out all the things that do not empower you and waste your energy. We only have a limited amount of time and energy, so let’s stay on a path of empowerment. If our words create our world, let’s communicate with words that serve others and spread love and uplift others. Let’s knock out our action items with a commitment to completeness. Precision is a practice and it starts on the mat. It’s time to get on our mat and practice with out wasting energy but empowering ourselves. Today, step bigger and bolder into Warrior 1. Inhale deeper, exhale more. Remove the excess steps in your downward facing dog. Notice how much energy you save when focused on precision. Save your energy for the things most important in the world. Save your energy for love, sharing, friends and family.